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Your Take-out Servingware: The Voice of your Brand

Apr 20 2015

That take-out you just handed your customer. The one with the hot soup, steaming pasta, juicy cheeseburger, crispy fries or whatever it is you are so proud to serve.

That, my friend, is one of your greatest assets.  How it is packaged.  How it retains heat.  How it looks. How it holds the moisture. All of that and much more equates to how your customers will remember you and decide whether to come back to you for more.

Too many restaurants give too little time to selecting their take-out servingware.  They may see it is as a throw-away item, which of course it is ultimately. 

But it is also the voice of your brand and determines what is said about you after your patrons take it home.

We are now in an age of new take-out technology that allows you to deliver a very important message to your customers.  If you are still using paperboard and Styrofoam, you are way behind the times politically and customer-service-wise.

With more and more municipalities banning plastic and similar non-compostable or biodegradable products, moving to this type of servingware will deliver a very positive message to your public about how committed you are to their well-being.

You probably spend a lot of time and money on new technology and marketing.  You have trained your staff well to upsell and be kind and courteous but have you considered that your servingware is equally important to your overall well-being?

Someone once said that a great cup of coffee at the end of a meal, because it is the last thing a customer has, will leave a lasting, positive taste in their mouths.

But if they take that coffee home with a piece of pie and the take-out packaging does not hold up, they will be left family shotwith a bad taste for your restaurant.

Contrarily, if they see that you spent the time and money to secure their take-out in the latest compostable servingware, they will remember you in a positive way.

Compostable servingware is not only highly functional – keeping your menu items hot and secure – it is also completely biodegradable.  In our heightened age of global warming and eco-consciousness, it is imperative that you not just join but lead in the movement to save our planet.

We are reminded of the very successful Mexican restaurant chain that began to have management and image problems.  As it went downhill, one of the first things it did was downgrade its papergoods. 

The public was probably unaware of the chain’s struggles until it got the undeniable message from its take-out packaging that the company was reducing costs and quality by going to cheaper packaging.

The chain had delivered, literally, a distinct message that they were failing and did not care about their customers…and they ultimately never recovered.

There are a multitude of choices for servingware these days that will allow you to provide the latest in eco-friendly, functional and desirable take-out.

The choice is yours.  Don’t let your customers down by opting for the lowest form of take-out.

Because that voice you hear will be silence.