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When You Say Toppings, Say Cheese!

Cheese has always been a popular way to add flavor to our food.

On everything from salads to chili to soups, sandwiches, baked potatoes and pizza, you probably add cheese to add zest, aroma and piquancy to your favorite dish.

Toppings are one of our favorite ways to spice things up and create some dimension to food.  As the diner’s diet and cravings have changed so too have the toppings they can apply to their favorite entrees and side dishes.

We also want our toppings to fit our dietary constraints. From a strictly healthy dietary slant, hummus, guacamole and fresh salsa have emerged as popular toppings.  In pastas, all kinds of veggies offer flavor and nutrition.  

Super-nutritious nouveau anti-oxidant salads,  high protein salads and detox salads require a slate of natural and organic nuts, grains, seeds and other nutrient-packed toppings to create their particular profile.

But cheese, in a variety of forms, may be the ultimate food topping. There are so many to choose from – Parmesan, Asagio, Mozzarella, Gruyere and a multitude of Jack and Cheddar styles – that we can stylize our dishes to meet our personal desires. 

These days cheese comes in a bunch of forms – shredded, sliced, in croutons, crisps, puffs and crackers.

To meet this demand, Sugar Foods introduced Musso’s Oven Baked Cheese Crisps.  Not only can you get a very specific flavor from a cheese crisp but also crunch and texture.

The cheese crisp represents an innovative way to add a cheese flavor to a myriad of dishes without adding an mussoexorbitant amount of calories. Musso’s, for instance, offers both Parmesan and Asagio flavors.  It has no fillers and is made of 100% cheese, contains only 35 calories per serving,and has only 4% fat and zero transfats. 

The beauty of the cheese crisp is its versatility.  It can be added to thick soups and can replace croutons in all types of salads.  In pastas and on burgers, omelets and chili, the cheese crisp offer intense flavor without a messy meltdown on the griddle.

You can also turn a one-cheese pizza into a three-cheese pizza simply by adding cheese crisps to the top. Because they can withstand 450 degrees for 15 minutes, they can be added to pizzas and even remain crunchy after they cool down.

We’ve come a long way from shredding some Cheddar and adding it to our chili or hot dog.  However we say cheese, we now know we can get it to match our diets and taste buds.


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