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If you want your business to grow…Pivot.

Jan 20 2015

By: Elliot Begoun – Principal Consultant – The Intertwine Group 

For a business to grow you need strategy, leadership and employee engagement. Yet the common view of these will not maximize the organization’s full potential. It requires a different view, a slight turn. 

Many companies embark upon a rigorous strategic planning process every few years. Hundreds, if not thousands of hours are put into this process. Volumes of spreadsheets are produced, a brain-bursting amount of analysis is conducted, but does the plan truly serve to guide the running of the business or is it referenced in the daily decision-making? 

Pivot; move away from the voluminous binders that are the output of strategic planning. Honestly, most wind up merely collecting dust on a credenza shelf. Move to strategic management. For most mid-size companies, the key to a good strategy requires the understanding of only four key levers; purpose, vision, values and outcomes. Purpose, at its root, is merely why the business exists; what is it here to provide. Vision is about where one sees the business going over the long term. Values are what the business stands for at its core. Outcomes are the desired results. Management is about planning, organizing, allocating and controlling. Therefore, strategic management is about possessing clarity and understanding as to the organization’s purpose, vision, values and outcome and applying that to planning, organizing, allocating and controlling. 

So much has been written about leadership, much of which is highly applicable. However, it is often limited in its scope. It is focused on the business aspect that includes traits such as focus, clarity, integrity and confidence. Yet there is a whole other aspect of leadership that includes the traits that support mind and spirit. They include compassion, humility, authenticity, and presence. 

Pivot; turn from a form of leadership that emanates solely from a business perspective. Instead embrace integrative leadership, which broadens the view to include mind and spirit. Those leaders, who are fully present, show humility and empathy while retaining their focus on strategic management inspire their employees more fully. Integrative leaders have the awareness that we all want the same thing, to be heard, cared for, valued and respected. 

Employee engagement is another often written about topic. All organizations want employees who do more than just show up and spend half their day on social media. But is it engagement that is truly needed? An employee who is engaged denotes one who is busy or occupied; involved. Is that enough? 

Pivot; rather than just an employee engaged in the work of the organization, would it not be better to have an enlightened employee, one who has a full realization as to the organization’s purpose, vision, values and desired outcomes? An enlightened employee grasps how their actions can favorably impact the organization. They understand the purpose of their role and how it relates to greater purpose of the organization. 

Pivoting from the common model of strategy, leadership and employee engagement to a new one that views it as strategic management, integrative leadership and employee enlightenment, will turn the results from the common into the uncommon. 

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