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To Go Cocktails — The Future of Bars

Jun 19 2020

Bars and restaurants have been forced to adapt around the globe due to COVID-19. Governments have had to relax liquor laws in order for bars to stay alive during this pandemic. Suddenly, bars were allowed to provide to-go and/or delivery cocktails for customers. 

This provided job security for the 700,000 American bartenders who found themselves out of work. Additionally, customers were happy to drink beverages at home that were guaranteed to be delicious. Bars have had to get to know their customers better and figure out their desires. Many bars even give customers different size options for bigger families, such as 4-8 drink options. 

Restaurants are also hoping that once all business operations restrictions are lifted, some of these to-go liquor policies stay more lenient. It has shown state alcohol control boards that these past restrictions weren’t productive. 

Delivery has also given bars a way to keep in touch with their guests and build loyalty. Restaurants and bars that never allowed takeout are now adapting their businesses to do this. Some bars are even renovating their spaces to allow for delivery in the future. 

The connection and reinforcement through a smartly executed to-go program could be the difference between a business staying open or closing, even once restrictions are lifted. 

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