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Time Clock Software: The Software Your Restaurant Needs

Mar 20 2019

95% of restaurateurs agree that restaurant technology improves their business efficiency and 78% of restaurateurs look at metrics and finances every day, according to toast.com. With technology becoming such a vital element to effectively operate a restaurant, it is important to select the best technology to provide actionable data and increased efficiency.

Time clock technology is one of the most integral software systems available in the restaurant businesses. It saves restaurateurs many hours by integrating with payroll so there is no manually managing time cards. Plus, you probably know the shift swapping, buddy punching and call-off game all too well. These factors can make your business lose efficiency, and more importantly, money.

Using an automated time and attendance system can help ease the process of managing time and help your business stay compliant while saving money. This new technology helps eliminate the risk of human error from adding up time sheets while continuing to hold your employees accountable for their time.

Common Issues Faced When Manually Managing Employees Time Cards

It’s a common misconception that the only cost to a restaurant employer when manually managing employees’ time cards is the cost of paper. However, there are many more hidden costs that can add up every week. Larry Dickinson, PrimePay’s Time and Labor Management Specialist, explains the real cost of using a manual time and attendance system.

Time Theft

Whether intentional or unintentional, many restaurant employees record the wrong time when filling out their time cards. If it is only required for them to fill out a time card at the end of every two weeks, it can prove very difficult to remember the exact time they reported to work every day.  If they are not able to fully remember the times, why would they intentionally mark themselves as late? This also goes the same way at the end of the day if an employee had to leave 30 minutes early one day to catch a baseball game. A few minutes here and there can add up to an hour or two each pay period per employee. That is a lot of wasted money your business could be using more effectively.

Human Error & Time

We all make mistakes. This includes the restaurant employee who adds up their own time sheet or the human resource department that is accountable for adding every employees’ time. The American Payroll Association estimates these errors are between one percent and eight percent. This error rate doesn’t factor in the money that is lost in the hours spent manually going through and processing each employee’s time card.

Gain Important Time Back

When a restaurateur decides to implement time clock technology, the time and money that will be gained back to focus on the restaurant’s needs will reward the bottom line and give both the restaurant employees and restaurateur peace of mind. Time and money add up quickly, so be sure your restaurant utilizes innovative technology to maximize both.