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RestCloud Makes Online Ordering Easier

It’s 12:30, the prime of lunch time, and your restaurant is rockin’.  You are so busy; you can’t keep your head straight, let alone deal with the massive amount of orders and the folks waiting in line. 

Then online orders start rolling in.  This is exactly what you wanted when you got your online order system; then suddenly your internet goes out and you cannot process your orders.  

If you had RestCloud, which seamlessly connects the consumer, online system and restaurant all by a telephone line rather than cable, you could be more secure and not have to deal with internet connectivity or lack of it. 

That’s only one of the benefits of RestCloud, a perfect name for this user-friendly, cost-effective system that interfaces with your online ordering program. http://www.restcloud.net/

And that is one of the reasons Real Time Ordering partnered with RestCloud.  Currently, the RTO online ordering restcloud_banner_0system allows restaurants to receive orders meals by a fax, IP printer, POS integration or email.  With RestCloud, works through a tablet that processes the order and prints the ticket. 

No muss.  No fuss.  And, get this; it’s at a much reduced cost of a POS integration system. 

RestCloud is also interactive so that when the customer places his order, they get an immediate response regarding delivery time and can respond to questions about the order. 

In essence, here is what RTO and RestCloud bring to the table:

  • Immediate order receipt – direct delivery to online smart terminal
  • Single-click confirmation – one-touch order confirmation
  • Easy installation and operation – plug ‘n play device
  • Clear order printout – automated printout in a uniform format
  • Improved customer satisfaction – fast, reliable and accurate order delivery/fulfillment 

All told, RestCloud brings the newest forms of technology to the restaurant owner and staff.  It maximizes sales while increasing customer satisfaction, which is why you got the online ordering system.  Meanwhile, it minimizes your order/receipt expenses, which improves your overall bottom line. 

Whether you sell pizzas or pastrami, tacos or burgers, the RestCloud system will make life a lot easier for both you and all of those customers who are more often than not, choosing to order online.

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