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Measures to Sustain Sales during COVID-19

May 03 2020

With the heavy restraints placed on dine-in operations, many operators will be experiencing a dramatic increase in to-go orders. This demands secure packaging of your delicious food. To-go containers and boxes must provide a safe environment for the order to move from your kitchen to your customer’s dinner table.
Properly packaged food has better odds of remaining safe as it is transported home. Nation’s Restaurant News recommends using a tamper-proof seal and adhesive bands on top of lids and cups to ensure safe delivery from kitchen to plate. These measures will protect your food from spilling in the car and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Your customers will appreciate any extra measure taken to keep take-out and delivery orders safe. It will boost their confidence in the safety of your operation and increase the likelihood that they return in the future.

As mentioned above, the current safety guidelines have made take-out services a priority among operators. Operators that maximize the efficiency of their take-out services will reap tremendous benefits. Providing your customers with a curb-side pickup option is an important feature to offer. It allows customers to enjoy your operation’s delicious food without having to expose themselves to a group of other people. Your customers will not have to wait in a line surrounded by other people, and it helps adhere to the social distancing guidelines by limiting the number of customers allowed in your store.

Operators should also consider adding a delivery service to their to-go program. While it is important to weigh the potential costs of a delivery service, it will help your business reach customers that do not feel comfortable leaving their home during this time. Strong sanitation measures must continue to be met, as operators lose significant control of the safety of their food once it leaves their doors. Operators that offer delivery should provide their drivers with hand-sanitizer and encourage customers to pay online.

It is crucial that operators publicly communicate many of the safety measures they are taking. Potential customers should be aware of any new service, such as improved to-go options and updated ordering systems. This can be spread through email blasts, social media posts, website updates, and signs outside your store. With so much uncertainty, customers need to feel confident they can continue to safely enjoy your operation’s delectable treats. Communicating the health measures your business is taking will boost the confidence of your target customers and help sustain sales throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

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