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Innovative Technology Impacting Restaurants

Feb 20 2019

As the development of technology continues to grow, businesses must be hyper aware of new services and capabilities that technology can offer their company, and more importantly, their customers. This is especially true in the restaurant industry. Restaurant operators are always searching for how to improve their customers’ experience while dining at their location. While some operators have less of a need for technological updates, others count on it for sales and financial growth. For example, a white tablecloth restaurant is less dependent on technology than a sports bar. Nevertheless, all restaurant operators should be mindful of technological developments in their industry.

Here are seven new technologies impacting restaurant operators around the country:

Bluetooth Temperature Sensors

Schedule Makers/Scheduling Software to Optimize Time Management

Virtual Reality Onboarding

Digital Inventory Tracking

Automated Purchasing

Kiosks and Tabletop Tablets

Digital Table and Reservation Manager

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