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How to Evolve Your Restaurant’s Brand Messaging Admist COVID-19

Dec 01 2020

If your restaurant is still communicating in the way it did prior to COVID-19, your brand messaging is probably not resonating with your customers. Whether you are starting a new restaurant or trying to grow an existing one, your communication is vital. Here are some insights to help you evolve in today’s landscape.

1. Audit messaging for topics that no longer apply

If you’re writing a business plan for a new restaurant, you can build strategies for this new normal and differentiate from other restaurants. Spend time looking at other restaurants in your area and what they are doing. Learning from other restaurants can be a great technique. Each state is reacting differently, so pay attention to that as well. Adjusting your messaging to cull out any references to group events or activities that are no longer safe. Highlight no contact ordering, curbside pickup, and expandable delivery options. 

2. Authenticity is more important than ever

Prioritizing honesty and human connection has grown even more important recently. Uncertainty and anxiety makes people want stability for people and brands they can trust. Show customers what you are doing to keep them safe and healthy. Social media marketing is a great way to show more intimate interactions and show authenticity. 

3. Create consistent, strategy-driven messaging.

Define certain key elements that will complement and help you communicate messaging. Some of these might include brand promise, brand positioning statement, target audience, mission, and voice. 

Restaurants that are flexible and evolve their brand messaging to adapt to the pandemic are the ones that will succeed. 

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