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Food Trucks Tap Into Online Ordering

You’ve seen the movie “Chef”, right?  You know, the one about the 4-star chef who leaves his fancy restaurant in disgust only to create a food truck dedicated to delectable Cuban sandwiches.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should; not only because it is funny and timely but because it also taps into something very real…as in Real Time Ordering.

You see, the Chef in the movie, played admirably and way too accurately by Jon Favreau, hates the new-fangled techno world of restaurants.  He can’t be bothered with tweeting, posting, Facebooking, Instragamming, and the like.

Only when he gets a lousy review by a snooty food critic, does he take to Twitter.  The results aren’t pretty but they are huge.

The Chef, by the way, could have benefitted from online ordering which is now an integral part of the food truck world.

Online ordering is absolutely perfect for food trucks, which gained all of its popularity and notoriety due to social food trucks 2media.  Without it, they would simply be roach coaches wandering the streets in search of the next break-time.

Food trucks ushered in an entirely new era of social media and technology. They believed in it before just about anyone else in the industry.   It was the perfect match – if you open a food truck how do you tell people where you are? The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for both the rise of technology and that of food trucks.

Between the ever-growing tide of mobile apps and the constant movement of consumers looking for that next great thing, food trucks have been able to grow their business substantially by tapping into a variety of technology.

Whether you are Jack-in-the-Box or the Frying Dutchman, you gotta stay connected with your customers. What better way to stay mobile then to act mobile-ly?

Through GPS, workers can zero in on where their favorite food truck will be at lunchtime.  On the marketing front, savvy food truck operators gather thousands of followers and tweet to them where they will be and when.

Entire food truck parties exist today.  Instead of malls, these trucks gather at vacant lots or on the streets near businesses where they know they will find the most people.

But if you have gone to eat at your favorite food truck, you are most likely confronted with long lines and 30 to 60 minute waits.  While there is some fun and socializing associated with waiting for your food, which is not what you want when you need to eat and go.

That is why more and more food trucks are adding online ordering.  In that way, they can do more business faster by moving the line of hungry diners waiting for their yummy stuff.

Online ordering allows their customers to order ahead, get it packed, prepaid and ready to be handed to them.

The newly assimilated Chef in “Chef” would surely agree to that.

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