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Musings on the Foodservice Industry

The Breakfast Wars

Jun 04 2014

Up and down the foodservice spectrum, breakfast is heating up. Here are some recent developments: • Taco Bell introduced a breakfast menu trading on ubiquitous locations and a massive promo of the Waffle Taco. The Bell blitzed social media and took direct aim at rival McDonald’s, including an ad campaign making fun of Ronald the 

Attackers vs. Defenders

May 29 2013

I recently read an interview with AOL founder, Steve Case. The most interesting thing he said was, “I think that when people talk about staying small, they’re really saying they want to be big but still be nimble and creative and innovative and flexible. They also want to still feel like attackers, not defenders.”  “The 

The New Reality of a World Dairy Market

May 09 2013

Twenty years ago, a foodservice operator could take a chart of the cheese market and overlay year after year in order to predict the cost for the next few months. Fast forward to cheese trades at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) plus an expansion to a world dairy market and predictions are a difficult science. 

How Hiking is Like Running a Business

Apr 12 2013

I live in one of the most spectacular areas in the country for hiking. Northern California is loaded with well-maintained hiking trails but the foothills of Mt. Tam (home to Muir Woods) is truly the top of the heap. With spring fully settled here, I headed out this morning to explore some new terrain. After 


Mar 11 2013

BREAKING NEWS – JUDGE OVERTURNS NYC’S SODA BAN – calls new law “arbitrary” and “capricious”

NYC Soda Ban Update

March 12th the New York City’s ban on large, sugary drinks is scheduled to go into effect. Last September, I wrote a blog pointing out the policy failures and big brother thinking of this legislation. Today I want to update the issue. To review, Mayor Bloomberg and the NY City Health Department, introduced a law 

The Minimum Wage Debate

Feb 24 2013

In 1974, I was busing tables in a steak house when the manager called me in to her office and said I was getting a promotion to dishwasher. It was a proud moment; my hard work was recognized and my performance rewarded. It set my teenage feet on a path of accomplishment that remains to this day. 

The Return of Factory Life and Pizza

Feb 07 2013

If you study the history of pizza’s success in America, it is really a history of the success of America’s factories. Sure, there was pizza in NY, but the real mainstream success occurred around the Great Lakes. Auto production was booming in the 50’s and spawned hundreds of other factories, parts manufactures, machine tools, but 

Foodservice Learning from the Fancy Food Show

Feb 01 2013

This past weekend I attended the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. After 25 years, I still come away amazed at the variety of foods and the passion of the producers. Last year, Americans spent $677 billion on food from grocery stores and $641 billion in restaurants. For many years, foodservice grew faster as busy 

Clean Restaurants Build Customers’ Confidence

Jan 10 2013

The New Year is a perfect time to see your restaurant through a fresh set of eyes. When you are in your operation day after day, little things sometimes go unnoticed. In these days of consumers’ food safety concerns, you cannot afford to have customers think that a lack of attention to your dining area