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The Robots are Coming, The Robots are Coming

Thanks to Cheese Market News for publishing this blog https://www.cheesemarketnews.com/guestcolumn/2017/27oct17_01.html   A friend of mine, not from the food business, said a few weeks ago, “I’ll bet the talk of $15 an hour minimum wage, is driving your restaurant customers crazy?” “Not at all”, I said, “they are actually happy, because at $15 an hour, 

New App Solves a Major Pain Point for Restaurants

More than a year ago now, I was enjoying conversation with a friend of mine who is a bartender. His phone was buzzing like mad – constantly receiving text messages. It got to the point that it was so distracting that I had to ask what was going on. Little did I know his reply 

Why the New EMV Credit Cards Make Your Business Safer

No business wants to be the next victim of a credit card data hack. We are all far too familiar with the story of how Target shoppers had their credit card information stolen during the 2013 holiday season. Malware installed on payment terminals collected names, card numbers, and expiration dates for about 40 million accounts. 

Use Loyalty Programs to Build Your Success

Loyalty programs have been around forever.  We recall in our youth going to our favorite sub sandwich joint and collecting one of those punch cards that offered a free sub after 10 purchases.  The only thing is did we remember to use the card when we returned?  Could we even find it? Today’s loyalty programs 

Increase Catering and Group Orders through Online Ordering

For restaurants, group ordering can be a huge pain or provide a huge gain depending upon how you approach it.  If you have an online ordering system in place, it is more likely to result in the latter than the former. Companies, teams, schools, clubs, and churches are ideal customers because of the potential for 

New Ways to Pay Make Life Easier…Or Not?

Bitcoin. Apple Pay. SquareWallet. Card.io. Jumio. DigitalWallet. Venmo. Dwolla. If you are not familiar with this new lingo of cashless payments and their related verification systems, you had better get up to speed. The times … they are changing.  Or should we say, there is no more change, or cash for that matter.  There are 

Mobile Goes Mainstream: Are you Online?

IPay.  Email blasts. Enhanced websites. Mobile apps. Online ordering. It makes your head spin just thinking about it. The list of technology applications and marketing strategies goes on and on and where they stop nobody knows. So, if you are not in line to go online now and don’t have the latest digital marketing, you 

Pizza Expo 2015: Around the Show

The SpeedLine team returned last week from the 31st International Pizza Expo: the largest pizza show in the world, and also the tastiest trade show around. The highlight for our team was the opportunity to talk with current customers and meet new ones. Hot topics this year included web and mobile ordering, delivery management and 

Food Trucks Tap Into Online Ordering

You’ve seen the movie “Chef”, right?  You know, the one about the 4-star chef who leaves his fancy restaurant in disgust only to create a food truck dedicated to delectable Cuban sandwiches. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should; not only because it is funny and timely but because it also taps into something 

Love It or Hate It -Yelp is a Necessary Evil

When you ask restaurateurs or business owners what they think about the review site Yelp, get ready for some fiery opinions.  There is probably no other promotional website that causes so much angst or provides such joy. On the one hand, a business can receive wonderful accolades and praise, or it can be the recipient 

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