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Musings on the Foodservice Industry

The Breakfast Wars

Up and down the foodservice spectrum, breakfast is heating up. Here are some recent developments: • Taco Bell introduced a breakfast menu trading on ubiquitous locations and a massive promo of the Waffle Taco. The Bell blitzed social media and took direct aim at rival McDonald’s, including an ad campaign making fun of Ronald the 

The Rising Popularity of Foodservice Mac and Cheese

Pasta and cheese casseroles have appeared in cookbooks as early as the 14th century’s Liber de Coquina. It is a French dish of Parmesan and pasta. A cheese and pasta casserole known as makerouns was recorded in the famous medieval French cookbook The Forme of Cury. In a 1769 book, The Experienced French Housekeeper, there was a recipe for 

Delivering More Than Pizza

This past weekend, I took the ferry in to San Francisco. It was a gorgeous fall day with crisp blue skies and a clear view of the new Bay Bridge. The trip made me think about alternative uses for transportation and how to build business and community. As a former food distributor, I see the 

The Return of Factory Life and Pizza

If you study the history of pizza’s success in America, it is really a history of the success of America’s factories. Sure, there was pizza in NY, but the real mainstream success occurred around the Great Lakes. Auto production was booming in the 50’s and spawned hundreds of other factories, parts manufactures, machine tools, but 

Clean Restaurants Build Customers’ Confidence

The New Year is a perfect time to see your restaurant through a fresh set of eyes. When you are in your operation day after day, little things sometimes go unnoticed. In these days of consumers’ food safety concerns, you cannot afford to have customers think that a lack of attention to your dining area 

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