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Musings on the Foodservice Industry

Pizza and Thanksgiving

Nov 11 2016

Everyone’s main focus in November is to surround themselves with family, friends, and inherently dive into the annual Thanksgiving feast. While turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce are the staples on Thanksgiving, pizza has become more and more associated with the holiday. Quietly sandwiching Thanksgiving are two of the biggest days of the year for pizzerias. 

New Study has “Revealing” Take on Pizza Lovers

Oct 01 2015

Here was an interesting survey question: If you had to choose, would you give up sex or pizza for a period of one year? A recent study of Millennials and their relationship to pizza, found that the allure of the pie is greater than that of the body for over six million adults or about 

Pizza and Football Yield Big Score

Sep 12 2015

In a faraway place, long, long ago (around the 1970s), there were but a few football games on television. Monday Night Football was in full bloom yet there were still only regional Sunday professional games and a handful of college games available on Saturdays.  There was no NFL Network or Hulu or vast internet on 

Pepperoni: It’s How You Slice It

Jul 14 2015

The difference between good and great pepperoni is all in how you slice it. Liguria Foods has perfected the science and art of slicing pepperoni.  And that makes sense for a company that specializes in making the world’s most popular pizza topping.

Pizza: A True Slice of American Life and Culture

May 08 2015

In an interview with Pope Francis last month marking his second anniversary as the leader of the Catholic faith, he said he enjoyed being pope, but missed his freedom. The Pope said what he really craved was the chance to go out and “get a pizza.” Yes, even the Pope dreams of eating pizza. Forget 

Baseball & Pizza: Playing “Pepper-oni”

Apr 21 2015

One of the fun things about going to baseball games is eating the food.  There’s nothing like a ballpark hot dog, greasy fries or nachos, and the old favorites: peanuts and Cracker Jacks®.  Unfortunately, the pizza at the park is generally a strike out; with a slice in a box that seems to contain a 

The Rise of Fast Casual Pizza

Feb 26 2015

As you scroll down the 800 Degrees website, you have many choices: Choose a Crust, Choose a Base and then come the Add-Ons. You want Neapolitan crust or Gluten-free?  You want a White Pie (Bianca), a Green Pie (Verde), a Marinara or a Margherita? The Add-Ons are almost too many to mention delineated by Protein, 


Jan 27 2015

Breakfast is something that dieticians are always telling us not to skip. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or bland or repetitive. Enter pizza.

Pepperoni with a Twist

Nov 25 2014

There is a new twist in the world of pepperoni and it offers pizza businesses a great way to grow sales while intriguing their customers to experience something new and delicious. Think of pepperoni and you might immediately think of a cheese pizza topped with this No. 1 pizza topping. A growing trend has emerged 

Exploding the Boundaries of the Classic Calzone

Sep 09 2014

Like burgers and pizzas before them, the internationally recognized calzone is undergoing an explosion of flavor giving restaurants a highly beneficial addition to their menus. Creative pizza operators have taken the traditional meat and cheese turnover and given them a style makeover that incorporates the widest array of international flavors. Chefs are exploding the calzone