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Musings on the Foodservice Industry

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Create a Blog

Oct 19 2017

Advising how to create a blog is easy and completely useless. If you aren’t really passionate about anything, if there isn’t something you can talk about for hours on end, then building a blog is not for you and there is nothing to discuss. If such a topic – or topics? – exists, then advising how to share it 

The art of marketing typography

Nov 18 2016

Marketers and small-business owners need to recognize the fact that advertising success is all contained within the details. Companies are granted only a tiny window to make an impression with a customer, engage them, convert them and retain them for long periods of time. For this reason and many more, every single element of marketing 

Cold-Brewed Coffee: It’s Hip, Cool and Very Profitable

Oct 20 2015

Instead of asking what’s hot in the coffee world, it’s more appropriate to ask what’s cool!  Coffee connoisseurs throughout the world are raising their mugs filled with cold-brew coffee. There are so many options in the coffee world these days.  Just about every respectable restaurant serves a variation of espresso and cappuccino.  French roast is 

Drive-Thru Coffee Kiosks: Express Expressos

Sep 22 2015

The other day we were driving around town from one meeting to another, hurried as usual and in great need of a shot of espresso. We didn’t want to stop at the local Starbucks® where we would have had to wait 10-15 minutes for our caffeine boost, and the donut shop’s diluted offerings would not 

Use Loyalty Programs to Build Your Success

Sep 16 2015

Loyalty programs have been around forever.  We recall in our youth going to our favorite sub sandwich joint and collecting one of those punch cards that offered a free sub after 10 purchases.  The only thing is did we remember to use the card when we returned?  Could we even find it? Today’s loyalty programs 

5 Tips for Overcoming the Dog Days of Summer

Aug 14 2015

Summertime is not really Pizza time. In the summer, we head outdoors for picnics and barbecues. We look for shade where we can relax while enjoying sandwiches, salads, fruit and a cold beverage.  We go to the ballgame, the beach and the park and a little less often to the pizza parlor. In case you’re 

Sourcing as Branding: Smell the Coffee

There are tons of academic papers that analyze how sourcing products can be aligned with branding. But we don’t need to read those to understand the growing value of sourcing specific products from specific places as a way to heighten one’s brand. 

A Healthy Diet of Organic PR is Good Food for Your Brand

Apr 28 2015

If you want to publicize a food product that’s billed as natural or organic, you’d be well advised to start with a marketing program that looks and feels organic in its execution. The first step in coordinating an effective PR program for your food brand is to create messages that are straightforward and easy to 

Figuring out Millennials a Challenge for Businesses

Apr 02 2015

The business world is completely enamored with Millennials and their eating and shopping habits. It doesn’t matter if it’s Coca-Cola® and McDonalds® trying to reformulate products or Target®, which is planning to offer more organic, natural and gluten-free foods.   Companies are reaching out to Millennials and trying to satisfy their desire to eat healthy, 

Marketing: Like Pulling Teeth?

Apr 01 2015

As I sat in the dentist’s chair numbed and waiting to have my teeth worked on, I wondered if all this pain and anxiety was worth it. My dentist warned me that if I didn’t do the work, I might lose a tooth or two down the road.  That would be more costly and more