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Key Metrics to Measure the Efficiency of Your Restaurant

When evaluating the efficiency of your restaurant management team there are few better metrics to use than Cost of Sales and Cost per Cover. Cost of sales is a great way to look at your food, beverage, and labor expenses (prime costs) to make sure you are operating efficiently.  The ratio is calculated by dividing 

How to Spot Fire Hazards In Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

It can happen in an instant, and all it takes is a spark. Between 2011 and 2013, about 5,600 restaurant fires were reported in the United States. These fires resulted in 100 injuries and $116 million in property damage. The vast majority of these were started – you guessed it – in the kitchen. There 

A Healthy Diet of Organic PR is Good Food for Your Brand

If you want to publicize a food product that’s billed as natural or organic, you’d be well advised to start with a marketing program that looks and feels organic in its execution. The first step in coordinating an effective PR program for your food brand is to create messages that are straightforward and easy to 

Do your managers know how to lead?

By Elliot Begoun – Principle Consultant – The Intertwine Group All organizations need managers. Someone must plan and organize activity, allocate resources and direct personnel. But directing is not leading. Leadership requires a very specific skillset and must be cultivated and earned.  The question every CEO should ask of their organization is; do our managers 

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