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Sourcing as Branding: Smell the Coffee

There are tons of academic papers that analyze how sourcing products can be aligned with branding. But we don’t need to read those to understand the growing value of sourcing specific products from specific places as a way to heighten one’s brand. 

Five Menu Trends for the Future

In the movie, “Sleeper”, Woody Allen takes a shot at our never-ending paranoia about certain foods when his futuristic characters happily chow down on milkshakes and hamburgers.  “We have found they are actually very good for us,” they say. In addition to making fun of us, Woody proposed that we never know what the future 

Increase Catering and Group Orders through Online Ordering

For restaurants, group ordering can be a huge pain or provide a huge gain depending upon how you approach it.  If you have an online ordering system in place, it is more likely to result in the latter than the former. Companies, teams, schools, clubs, and churches are ideal customers because of the potential for 

The Rise of Organics: Time to Jump on the Speeding Bandwagon

Here’s a number you probably thought you’d never see: The global organic food and beverage industry grew to more than $100 billion last year. Forecasts call for the industry to grow at a 12.8 percent annual rate.  The U.S. accounts for almost half of those sales. This is a bandwagon that has some real speed 

Mobile Goes Mainstream: Are you Online?

IPay.  Email blasts. Enhanced websites. Mobile apps. Online ordering. It makes your head spin just thinking about it. The list of technology applications and marketing strategies goes on and on and where they stop nobody knows. So, if you are not in line to go online now and don’t have the latest digital marketing, you 

Become a Leader in the Pizza Revolution

When we drive around the country – and believe me, we get around – we see a pizza revolution. There’s a changing of the guard that has brought more pizza and pizza-like offerings to more people than ever before. The rising dough (and we’re talking not only money, but regular and gluten-free crusts) is led 

Your Take-out Servingware: The Voice of your Brand

That take-out you just handed your customer. The one with the hot soup, steaming pasta, juicy cheeseburger, crispy fries or whatever it is you are so proud to serve. That, my friend, is one of your greatest assets.  How it is packaged.  How it retains heat.  How it looks. How it holds the moisture. All 

Food Trucks Tap Into Online Ordering

You’ve seen the movie “Chef”, right?  You know, the one about the 4-star chef who leaves his fancy restaurant in disgust only to create a food truck dedicated to delectable Cuban sandwiches. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should; not only because it is funny and timely but because it also taps into something 

You’re Invited to the Millennials’ Tea Party

What is hip, hot, cold, healthy, and very profitable and taking a run at the dominance of coffee as America’s beverage of choice? If you said tea, then you cheated and read the headline of this blog.  Tea drinkers should not be pigeon-holed as health nuts or elderly ladies.  It may surprise you, considering the 

RestCloud Makes Online Ordering Easier

It’s 12:30, the prime of lunch time, and your restaurant is rockin’.  You are so busy; you can’t keep your head straight, let alone deal with the massive amount of orders and the folks waiting in line.  Then online orders start rolling in.  This is exactly what you wanted when you got your online order 

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