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Musings on the Foodservice Industry

Do your managers know how to lead?

Feb 04 2015

By Elliot Begoun – Principle Consultant – The Intertwine Group All organizations need managers. Someone must plan and organize activity, allocate resources and direct personnel. But directing is not leading. Leadership requires a very specific skillset and must be cultivated and earned.  The question every CEO should ask of their organization is; do our managers 

Get the best, not the most from your employees!

Jan 28 2015

By: Elliot Begoun – Principal Consultant – The Intertwine Group  I often find myself responding to company leaders who want to get more out of their employees. They place that desire under the veil of employee engagement. It is flawed thinking, getting more from an employee is one sided, usually pressure driven and undoubtedly will 

Guest Post – What The Beatles Can Teach the Restaurant Industry

Oct 24 2013

Come Together (Teamwork) Team work is the cornerstone of any successful restaurant. All it takes is one piece of the train track to come loose and it can create a domino effect of poor service and unhappy customers. Remember, no matter your position in the restaurant food chain – you matter. You are important. It’s 

An Industry of Choice Again

Nov 07 2012

When I was a teen in the 70’s, restaurant jobs were highly sought after by young people. Restaurants were a fun place to be where you could meet new friends and work nights around a school schedule. Suburban middle class kids were a growing labor pool in that era and offered foodservice operators a steady