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Use Loyalty Programs to Build Your Success

Loyalty programs have been around forever.  We recall in our youth going to our favorite sub sandwich joint and collecting one of those punch cards that offered a free sub after 10 purchases.  The only thing is did we remember to use the card when we returned?  Could we even find it? Today’s loyalty programs 

Pizza and Football Yield Big Score

In a faraway place, long, long ago (around the 1970s), there were but a few football games on television. Monday Night Football was in full bloom yet there were still only regional Sunday professional games and a handful of college games available on Saturdays.  There was no NFL Network or Hulu or vast internet on 

Instagram: Don’t Be Left Out of the Picture

By this time, everyone (especially those in the food world) know that the people who use Instagram LOVE to show photos of food. You could say that Instagram and food are like bacon and eggs, pizza and cheese, hot dogs and mustard, ice cream and cake: not only do they belong together; they make each 

Ten Tips for an Eco Picnic

Picnics have always been the eco-friendliest of all ways to eat. You grab a blanket, pack some sandwiches, pour your favorite cold beverage in a Thermos and pack things you can eat, toss out or take back home.

Dried Salami: From the Streets of San Francisco

Over a century ago, when the Golden Gate Bridge was just a twinkle in an architect’s eye and the fog was constant and dense, something new, different, and ever-so spicy was concocted in the back rooms of San Francisco Italian grocery stores. Somewhere between the late 1800s and early 1900s, scores of Italian immigrants poured 

New Ways to Pay Make Life Easier…Or Not?

Bitcoin. Apple Pay. SquareWallet. Card.io. Jumio. DigitalWallet. Venmo. Dwolla. If you are not familiar with this new lingo of cashless payments and their related verification systems, you had better get up to speed. The times … they are changing.  Or should we say, there is no more change, or cash for that matter.  There are 

You’re Invited to the Millennials’ Tea Party

What is hip, hot, cold, healthy, and very profitable and taking a run at the dominance of coffee as America’s beverage of choice? If you said tea, then you cheated and read the headline of this blog.  Tea drinkers should not be pigeon-holed as health nuts or elderly ladies.  It may surprise you, considering the 

A Healthy Diet of Organic PR is Good Food for Your Brand

If you want to publicize a food product that’s billed as natural or organic, you’d be well advised to start with a marketing program that looks and feels organic in its execution. The first step in coordinating an effective PR program for your food brand is to create messages that are straightforward and easy to 

Pizza Expo 2015: Around the Show

The SpeedLine team returned last week from the 31st International Pizza Expo: the largest pizza show in the world, and also the tastiest trade show around. The highlight for our team was the opportunity to talk with current customers and meet new ones. Hot topics this year included web and mobile ordering, delivery management and 

Figuring out Millennials a Challenge for Businesses

The business world is completely enamored with Millennials and their eating and shopping habits. It doesn’t matter if it’s Coca-Cola® and McDonalds® trying to reformulate products or Target®, which is planning to offer more organic, natural and gluten-free foods.   Companies are reaching out to Millennials and trying to satisfy their desire to eat healthy, 

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