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Five Menu Trends for the Future

In the movie, “Sleeper”, Woody Allen takes a shot at our never-ending paranoia about certain foods when his futuristic characters happily chow down on milkshakes and hamburgers.  “We have found they are actually very good for us,” they say. In addition to making fun of us, Woody proposed that we never know what the future 

Summer Fairgoers Enjoy Fried Foods and Generate Less Waste

Summer vacations are in full swing, as is the country’s great summer tradition of taking the family to county and state fairs. The fairs have fun for all ages: the rides, concerts, farm animals, fireworks and carnival games. And what may be the most bizarre tradition: Eating fattening unhealthy foods. Forget the food booths selling 

When You Say Toppings, Say Cheese!

Cheese has always been a popular way to add flavor to our food. On everything from salads to chili to soups, sandwiches, baked potatoes and pizza, you probably add cheese to add zest, aroma and piquancy to your favorite dish.

Become a Hero and Offer a Great Sub Sandwich

If you run a pizza restaurant, you make your living on…pizza.  It’s your calling card and your reason for being. But some of the best cold sandwiches we have ever had have been at our favorite pizza joints. There is really nothing like a lush, meaty Hero on fresh-baked sourdough (or your choice of) bread.  

Top 10 Reasons to Compost – Part 2

In the second part of the benefits of composting, we cite five more reasons to collect leftover food and containers and divert them from the waste stream to a certified composting facility. 6. COMPOST REDUCES POLLUTION The Environmental Protection Agency credits compost with helping to degrade polluted soils. Its research has found that compost has 

Top 10 reasons to Compost – Part 1

It has become common wisdom to compost. People talk about it, municipalities tout it and garden shops push it, especially in the spring when consumers plant flowers and vegetables; but WHY should people compost? There are many reasons and the Bridge-Gate marketing team assembled Top 10 Reasons to Compost. Below are five great motivations, next 

The Rise of Organics: Time to Jump on the Speeding Bandwagon

Here’s a number you probably thought you’d never see: The global organic food and beverage industry grew to more than $100 billion last year. Forecasts call for the industry to grow at a 12.8 percent annual rate.  The U.S. accounts for almost half of those sales. This is a bandwagon that has some real speed 

Pizza: A True Slice of American Life and Culture

In an interview with Pope Francis last month marking his second anniversary as the leader of the Catholic faith, he said he enjoyed being pope, but missed his freedom. The Pope said what he really craved was the chance to go out and “get a pizza.” Yes, even the Pope dreams of eating pizza. Forget 

Pizza Expo 2015: Around the Show

The SpeedLine team returned last week from the 31st International Pizza Expo: the largest pizza show in the world, and also the tastiest trade show around. The highlight for our team was the opportunity to talk with current customers and meet new ones. Hot topics this year included web and mobile ordering, delivery management and 

Food Trucks Tap Into Online Ordering

You’ve seen the movie “Chef”, right?  You know, the one about the 4-star chef who leaves his fancy restaurant in disgust only to create a food truck dedicated to delectable Cuban sandwiches. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should; not only because it is funny and timely but because it also taps into something 

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