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Thoughts on Menu Engineering

Menu engineering Is an interdisciplinary approach in the deliberate and strategic construction of menus. Sometimes called ‘Menu Psychology’, the term menu engineering is generally adopted as a standard Best Practice within the Hospitality and Restaurant Industries. The objective with menu engineering is to maximize a concept’s profitability by leading the customer to certain purchases, and 

Attract Those Hungry Football Fans

It’s that time again.  No, not time to calculate your taxes – although that is coming up soon.  We are now in the throes of football mania when the NFL playoffs are in full swing leading to the all-important, all-consuming Super Bowl. 

Loyalty programs in restaurants: A primary customer engagement platform

With consumer eating out habits changing, competition is yet again expanding across previous borders. One of the primary marketing platforms, restaurants are adopting, is Loyalty programs. Loyalty programs designed to reward loyal customers with unique and customized benefits and at the same time to maintain a long standing [mutually rewarding] relationship. According to a recent 

2015 Trends & Dairy Solutions

The year turns next week, and most businesses are deep in planning and finalizing their budgets for 2015.  So much about foodservice is changed. Traditional powerhouse companies like McDonald’s, Kraft and Coca-Cola are reeling from slipped sales. The days of mass market, low-cost producer products is ending. Consumers want natural, sustainable and healthful foods. While 

Log Onto the Tech Revolution

If you are not up on the latest technology, you will be left behind.  Using technology for everything from menu systems to online ordering to communicating with your customers is here to stay. Today’s customer uses mobile technology for online ordering, redeeming rewards and paying for meals. Both happy and disgruntled customers utilize Twitter, Facebook 

Proteins take menu, marketing spotlight despite historically high costs

From Fast Casual – http://t.co/GEEVQgJiso One of the top restaurant industry stories this year has been record-high food costs, particularly with proteins. Beef and pork both flirted with all-time high prices during the summer, with little relief in sight. In fact, meat prices are 13 percent higher year over year, driven up by a 17.8-percent spike 

It’s All Greek to Me

There is a famous Greek expression, “Ta pada ri” – nothing stays the same. The past few years have been wonderful for the Greek yogurt industry. Greek yogurt has gone from one percent of the yogurt market in 2007 to 36 percent, and it seems, on the way to half of the market share. Within 

Brands and Millennials

I will “out” myself as a boomer. We boomers came of age in a simpler time with three TV stations that played commercials to our moms in plaid dresses. In those days, soap operas actually sold soap. Mom would also read the Wednesday food section in the newspaper, clip the coupons and proceed to the 


This is from our friend Dan Strogin – Manage Naturally – http://managenaturally.com/ Ethics, Integrity and Surviving the Long Term Recent history is thick with hot-shot companies that flame out in scandal, but we rarely hear about real survivors in the news, companies like J.E. Rhoads and Sons, founded in 1702 and still operating, the oldest surviving 

Guest Post – 5 Reasons to Raise Restaurant Prices

When was the last time you raised your prices? If it’s been a while, what’s stopping you? Look around. You’ll notice that prices are going up everywhere on everything. Today is the day to raise your prices, and below are five reasons why. Reason #1: You’re Worth It. If you are pushing out a good product that 

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