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Musings on the Foodservice Industry

Key Metrics to Measure the Efficiency of Your Restaurant

Feb 23 2016

When evaluating the efficiency of your restaurant management team there are few better metrics to use than Cost of Sales and Cost per Cover. Cost of sales is a great way to look at your food, beverage, and labor expenses (prime costs) to make sure you are operating efficiently.  The ratio is calculated by dividing 

Make Halloween Pizza Sales a Frightful Good Time

Oct 13 2015

Trailing only the Super Bowl, Halloween consistently drives the highest number of pizza sales in a single day. That’s quite a treat for pizzerias! But the trick is how to maximize the day? Pizza and Halloween have become the perfect match, as families want a quick, hearty dinner before heading out for trick or treating. 

Trash and Technology

Oct 07 2015

Americans have grown accustomed to the steady march of new technology. Many challenges that face our country seem to be solved using new ways of thinking. Can technology resolve the problem of trash? The average American produces nearly 130 pounds of trash a month. A recent article in the magazine “Nature,” asks people to consider 

New Ways to Pay Make Life Easier…Or Not?

May 22 2015

Bitcoin. Apple Pay. SquareWallet. Card.io. Jumio. DigitalWallet. Venmo. Dwolla. If you are not familiar with this new lingo of cashless payments and their related verification systems, you had better get up to speed. The times … they are changing.  Or should we say, there is no more change, or cash for that matter.  There are 

Stimulating Sales: Sex and the Minimum Wage

Mar 09 2015

When the feminist movement was reignited in the 1960s, the ardent proponents of equal rights for women probably did not have steamy Super Bowl ad from Carl’s Jr.® in mind.  In the ad, a voluptuous woman appears to be naked as she strolls through an outdoor market. The sexual innuendo – tomatoes in the shape 

Small Businesses Don’t “Like” the New Facebook

Feb 02 2015

It’s All Pay-to-Play Facebook, which changed the way the world shares memories and keeps in touch with friends and family, wasn’t originally a marketing tool for businesses. However, businesses quickly figured out that they could also promote their sales events and publish PR news to “engage” with customers and increase sales. The key was to 

The Delicious Taste of $50 Oil

Jan 28 2015

The New Year begins with a huge change in cost structure and assumptions.  The big collapse in worldwide energy prices shifted wealth and power from oil producing nations to oil consuming nations. The surge in the U.S. shale industry comes just as economic slowdowns surfaced in Europe and in Asia. At the same time, the 

If you want your business to grow…Pivot.

Jan 20 2015

By: Elliot Begoun – Principal Consultant – The Intertwine Group  For a business to grow you need strategy, leadership and employee engagement. Yet the common view of these will not maximize the organization’s full potential. It requires a different view, a slight turn.  Many companies embark upon a rigorous strategic planning process every few years. 

Polystyrene Foam: R.I.P. 2015

The end is near for polystyrene foam food packaging. Cities and counties across the country have implemented unilateral bans, but the game changed last week: New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, announced that Styrofoam packaging and drink containers will be banned starting July 1.  Other cities – including Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington D.C., 

Get the Most Out of a Distribution Agreement

Jan 16 2015

A distribution agreement is a very valuable document and foundation for your relationship with any broadline distributor.  If you do not have a distributor agreement, sometimes referred to as a MDA (Master Distributor Agreement) you need one.  Without a solid agreement, the distributor has the upper hand over pricing and many times, your supply relationship.