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Breakfast is something that dieticians are always telling us not to skip. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or bland or repetitive. Enter pizza.

Thoughts on Menu Engineering

Menu engineering Is an interdisciplinary approach in the deliberate and strategic construction of menus. Sometimes called ‘Menu Psychology’, the term menu engineering is generally adopted as a standard Best Practice within the Hospitality and Restaurant Industries. The objective with menu engineering is to maximize a concept’s profitability by leading the customer to certain purchases, and 

Attract Those Hungry Football Fans

It’s that time again.  No, not time to calculate your taxes – although that is coming up soon.  We are now in the throes of football mania when the NFL playoffs are in full swing leading to the all-important, all-consuming Super Bowl. 

Loyalty programs in restaurants: A primary customer engagement platform

With consumer eating out habits changing, competition is yet again expanding across previous borders. One of the primary marketing platforms, restaurants are adopting, is Loyalty programs. Loyalty programs designed to reward loyal customers with unique and customized benefits and at the same time to maintain a long standing [mutually rewarding] relationship. According to a recent 

The Rising Popularity of Foodservice Mac & Cheese

Pasta and cheese casseroles have appeared in cookbooks as early as the 14th century’s Liber de Coquina. It is a French dish of Parmesan and pasta. A cheese and pasta casserole known as makerouns was recorded in the famous medieval French cookbook The Forme of Cury. In a 1769 book, The Experienced French Housekeeper, there was a recipe for 

Log Onto the Tech Revolution

If you are not up on the latest technology, you will be left behind.  Using technology for everything from menu systems to online ordering to communicating with your customers is here to stay. Today’s customer uses mobile technology for online ordering, redeeming rewards and paying for meals. Both happy and disgruntled customers utilize Twitter, Facebook 

Corporations Lead the Way in Changing to More Sustainable Packaging

The packaging revolution is in full swing as some of the country’s (and world’s) largest retailers and restaurant chains have learned that going green and embracing sustainability means more green (as in profits) for investors. Not only are these large corporations saving money by reducing packaging and waste, but they’re increasing sales as consumers (especially 

How to Market Online Ordering

So, you’ve got your new spiffy online ordering program in place.  Your menu is tied into it.  Your payment systems are in place. Your staff is trained.  You are ready to go! Except for one important question … How do you get customers to start using it? 

The Local, Fresh Food Trend Relies on Fresh, Local Compost

Restaurants – from fast food to white table cloth establishments – are always trying to one-up the competition and offer new popular menu items. One of the most fashionable current trends is offering meals with local produce and vegetables. Restaurants all over the country are bragging on their menus how they now serve “fresh” and 

Guest Post – The Angela Test

Many years ago, when I was a young father, my wife and I would go out to a restaurant once a week for a meal. During the years my daughter was a toddler and we were “potty” training her, she would, without exception, request a trip to the restroom. I saw a lot of restrooms.  

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