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The Hourglass Consumer

The emergence of a strong middle-class made America the mightiest country on Earth for decades. Since people organized into clans and towns, there have always been the rich / powerful class and the poor. The advent of a middle-class allowed the hard working to achieve a level of success for themselves where they could live 

Attackers vs. Defenders

I recently read an interview with AOL founder, Steve Case. The most interesting thing he said was, “I think that when people talk about staying small, they’re really saying they want to be big but still be nimble and creative and innovative and flexible. They also want to still feel like attackers, not defenders.”  “The 

Thoughts for 2012

I took a break from my usual every two-week blog to observe the scene. This time of year SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) predict trends based on their view of the market. I have read quite a few and did my own survey. Last year at this time, I made four predictions and I am pleased 

What’s in a Brand?

A number of years ago, restaurant chains stopped being chains and became brands. Chain is so uninviting, fenced out and smacks of bigness not closeness. People don’t want to be chained to a chain, they want to identify and be enamored with a brand. Think Tiffany, Reese Cups, Cincinnati Reds, these are brands consumers can 

Occupy Main Street

OK, before I start, let me say upfront, this is not a political piece. The mood of the country is foul and vocal groups on both the political left and the political right are growing louder. The Tea Party and the Occupiers have some things in common; they are angry about bailouts, crony capitalism and 

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