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Best Food Delivery Platforms

May 19 2019

When it comes to food being delivered to your doorstep in times of hunger, there’s no playing around. It needs to be fast and right! Restaurant operators are always seeking new methods of attracting customers, and partnering with a food delivery service can increase a restaurant’s visibility and sales.

Thanks to the availability of on-demand delivery apps, food delivery is not an issue we have to worry about. At the touch of a button, consumers can order the food they crave. All that must be done is to download a food delivery app, choose the restaurant, place the order, and pay via smartphones.

Online food delivery platforms provide tremendous value for customers. In the eyes of the consumer, online food delivery saves time and limits the hassle that often comes from eating out. Consumers can now order with their eyes, with a tweet, from a smartwatch, from a smart TV, and soon they will be able to do so from their car. It is important for restaurants to utilize this innovative technology to satisfy the demands of all potential customers.

The world of food ordering systems has never been this advanced, and restaurants must take advantage of this development. Here are some of the best apps to help increase your restaurants sales and reach more customers than ever before:


Benefits of the Postmates app: It is unique when compared to other food delivery apps. When you place an order for food, the Postmates food valet gets an alert and heads towards your restaurant to pick it up. Then, they deliver the order directly to your customer’s doorstep.


Benefits of the DoorDash app: It’s available almost everywhere around the US (in over 1,200 cities in the US and Canada). It has the widest selection of local restaurants and national chains with over 110,000 restaurant menus. This high rate of popularity will increase the brand awareness and visibility of your restaurant.


Benefits of the UberEats app: It can help satisfy any food craving from a variety of restaurants or grocery stores. It’s available in major cities around the world, and the easy-to-navigate homepage shows customers the options near them and has their order delivered ASAP.


Benefits of the GrubHub app: It can pick up and deliver your orders at your own cost; the delivery fees are set by the restaurant. This feature allows restaurants to keep control over their costs.

Consider adding one of these food delivery options to drastically increase the value provided to your customers while increasing the visibility of your restaurant.

Happy eating!

About the Author:

Dafina Zymeri is passionate about ongoing, self-motivated and self-paced learning. She writes for Kiwi, which is a restaurant LMS that aims to help restaurant owners train their staff in an easier and more effective way. In addition, they offer online training courses for different restaurant services.